10. Special Forces (Para Commandos):    - Elite and highly trained soldiers specializing in special operations and unconventional warfare

9. Indian Army Doctor (Army Medical Corps):   - Medical professionals serving as commissioned officers, providing healthcare to military personnel.

8. Indian Army Engineer:   - Officers specializing in engineering roles, contributing to infrastructure development and military projects.

7. JCOs (Junior Commissioned Officers):   - Senior non-commissioned officers who hold leadership roles and are responsible for the welfare of enlisted personnel.

6. Soldier Clerk/Store Keeper Technical:   - Personnel responsible for administrative tasks, including record-keeping and managing stores.

5. Soldier Technical:   - Specialized soldiers with technical skills, often serving in areas like telecommunications and medical technology.

4. Soldier General Duty (GD):   - Enlisted personnel serving in various roles, including combat and support duties

3. Indian Military Nursing Service (MNS):   - Female officers in the MNS serve as nursing professionals in military hospitals and establishments.

2. Indian Army Officer (Short Service Commission):   - Short Service Commission Officers serve for a limited period, providing expertise in specialized fields.

1. Indian Army Officer (Permanent Commission):   - Commissioned Officers lead and manage soldiers in various branches, including Infantry, Artillery, and Armored Corps.